Service We Offer

  • Drafting of Syariah Compliant Wills
  • Preparing a Nazar Khas (Nuzriah)
  • Preparing a Hibah Ar-Ruqbah

Why is it important to write a Wasiat?

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said “It is not rightful for a Muslim person, if he has anything to bequeath, that he sleeps two consecutive nights without having his Will written with him.” (Narrated Abdullah bin Umar: Bukhari, Vol. 4, Book 51, No. 1)

“It is ordained for you, when death approaches any of you and he is leaving wealth, that he makes fair legacies in favour of .. near relatives, a duty upon those who have taqwa.” (Qur’an 2:180)

Syariah Compliant Wills

Highly encouraged in Islam

Faster, cheaper process upon death

Choose Executors – choose somebody you trust to handle your affairs after you die

Choose Guardians – Who do you want to raise your young children after both parents die?

Prevents potential family conflicts & fitnah

Ability to express ourselves to relations after death

Nazar Khas (Nuzriah)

Prepared for the purposes of making an inter vivos gift over joint property

Assets under the Nazar do not form part of the estate and will not be distributed pas a part of the Wasiat

Integral in Estate Planning and making specific provisions for parties that may not be eligible for distribution under a Wasiat

Addresses the Fatwa on Joint Properties in Singapore

Prepared jointly with a wasiat

Hibah Ar-Ruqbah

Contract of Gift that is returnable if the recipient predeceases the giver

Useful for situations where both owners of a jointly held property intend to plan for their estate

This is a contract with conditions, not an outright gift like the Nazar Khas

Also prepared joint with a Wasiat


There is great potential for the Islamic Finance Industry in Singapore, especially as a base for expansion to the Asian markets. Some International Islamic Finance providers are deterred from entering Singapore due to their perception that there is a difficulty in achieving Economies of Scale here. We hope to address this concern by assisting such providers to have an initial market presence in Singapore, inshaAllah.

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